Microsoft Project 2019/2021 – 2 days

Course Specifications

Course length: 2 days

Contact Hours: 16.0

PDUs: 16.0 (Technical)

Course Description:

Welcome to Microsoft Project.  This 2-day course is designed for individuals who will use Microsoft Office Project Professional as a tool to assist them in managing projects. The topics in this course cover the critical skills necessary to create, modify and monitor the performance of project tasks, resources, and resource assignments.

Delivery Method: 

Instructor led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands-on activities.

Course Materials:

– Microsoft Project 2019/2021 Workbook – Level 1 (Day 1)
Microsoft Project 2019/2021 Workbook – Level 2 (Day 2)

Course Objectives:

      Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

– create a project plan file and enter task information.
– create a work breakdown structure by organizing tasks and setting task relationships.
– assign project resources.
– finalize the project plan file.

– customize a project

– manage task structures

– generate project views

– produce project reports

Course Agenda (16 PDUs):

Day 1 / Level 1 (8 Hours)

Lesson 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Project

Topic A: Identify Project Management Concepts

Topic B: Navigate the Microsoft Project Desktop Environment

Lesson 2: Defining a Project

Topic A: Create a New Project Plan File

Topic B: Set Project Plan Options

Topic C: Assign a Project Calendar

Lesson 3: Adding Project Tasks

Topic A: Add Tasks to a Project Plan

Topic B: Enter Task Duration Estimates

Lesson 4: Managing Tasks

Topic A: Create a Work Breakdown Structure

Topic B: Define Task Relationships

Topic C: Schedule Tasks

Lesson 5: Managing Project Resources

Topic A: Add Resources to a Project 

Topic B: Create a Resource Calendar

Topic C: Assign Resources to Tasks

Topic D: Resolve Resource Conflicts 

Lesson 6: Finalizing a Project Plan

Topic A: Optimize a Project Plan

Topic B: Set a Baseline

Topic C: Share a Project Plan

Day 2 / Level 2  (8 Hours)


Lesson 1: Updating the Project Plan

Topic A: Enter Task Progress

Topic B: Enter Overtime Work

Topic C: Edit Tasks

Topic D: Update Cost Rate Tables

Topic E: Update a Baseline

Lesson 2: Viewing Project Progress

Topic A: Use View Commands

Topic B: Add a Custom Field

Topic C: Create Custom Views

Topic D: Format and Share the Timeline View

Lesson 3: Reporting on Project Progress

Topic A: View Build-in Reports

Topic B: Create Custom Reports

Topic C: Create Visual Reports

Lesson 4: Reusing Project Plan Information

Topic A: Create a Project Plan Template

Topic B: Share Project Plan Elements with Other Plans

Lesson 5: Working with Multiple Projects

Topic A: Share Resources

Topic B: Link Project Plans